Where can I buy replacement media pads for my Airscreen electronic air cleaner?

You can buy replacement media pads from your local HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning) Contractor or you can call InnerEco at 1-800-565-5326 and purchase them directly through client services or send E-mail.

How do I change the media pads and how often?

The instructions are right on our website or you can call client services and they can walk you through the steps. The recommended change is every three months.

Can I use regular glass fiber pads and can I wash them?

To make sure your Airscreen electronic air cleaner is working efficiently, we do not suggest you use anything but Airscreen media. We cannot guarantee the air cleaner will work properly if any other type of media is used. Therefore warranty is omitted. DO NOT WASH THE AIRSCREEN MEDIA. If the air cleaner itself is extremely dirty, take a damp cloth to wipe off the screen and wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap. Please make sure the screen is unplugged before you do anything to it.

Why do I have a lot of dust on my furniture?

You may have to change your media more frequently or may need your air ducts cleaned out. Please contact your HVAC or Duct Cleaning Contractor or client services for further information.

Does the Airscreen electronic air cleaner produce Ozone?

The Airscreen electronic air cleaner produces virtually no ozone.

Where can I purchase the Airscreen electronic air cleaner?

You can purchase an Airscreen electronic air cleaner from a HVAC Contractor in your area. Please call our inside sales team at 1-800-565-5326 or E-mail a Inside Sales Rep for the name of an authorized Contractor in your area.

Should the Airscreen electronic air cleaner have popping sounds?

No, if your Airscreen is making popping sounds, please contact your local HVAC contractor or call client services.


Can I purchase direct and what is the suggested price of the Airscreen

No, Contractors can only purchase the Airscreen electronic air cleaner through their HVAC wholesaler. Please call InnerEco at 1-800-565-5326 or E-mail us for an authorized wholesaler and pricing in your area.

How is the Airscreen air cleaner properly installed?

Please see the installation instructions that come with the air cleaner or call client services for instructions.

What is the difference between nominal size and exact size?

A nominal size is undersized by 3/8-inch on each face dimension. An etxact size is precisely the size that is ordered. The power head is always on the first dimension, E.G. 16x25 - powerhead will be on the 16 inch side)

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