Inside our electronic air cleaners, there is a filter made of glass fibers. Our pure glass media fibers are made from a very will known natural substance: sand. These natural fibers make an excellent conductive, charged media which traps and holds airborne pollutants, And because they are made from sand, the fibers will eventually decomposes.
InnerEco’s professionally engineered electronics deliver a bipolarized charge to the media fibers creating a giant electronic magnet, which captures airborne pollutants at a significantly reduced pressure drop. Our low-pressure drop can save you hundreds of dollars on annual heating and cooling costs, since the air will circulate more easily in your home. All this is achieved with our uniquely designed 24-volt supercharger that draws an incredibly low 2 watts of power. Savings for the power grid and homeowners alike.
Ozone is potentially damaging to lung tissue and to the Earth’s atmosphere. Our filters are designed to virtually eliminate this common bi-product of most traditional high energy consuming electronic air filters. The trace amounts of ozone are so small, they are virtually nonexistent.
When you compare our natural glass media to a typical throw away filter, our replacement pads represent at least 80% less garbage by volume. Since we normally replace our filters four times a year, InnerEco’s natural glass media pads represent a significant benefit to our landfill sites.

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