Heating and A/C costs seem to be rising every year

The following is a break-down of approximate operating costs for a typical home in a moderate environment with these specifications:

Location: Northeastern USA

Home Size: approximately 2,000sq.ft.

Mechanical System: all central HVAC system with Natural Gas Furnace(typical 40,000Btu/hr, 80-85% efficiency, ½ Hpmotor) & electrical air conditioner (2.5-3 ton)

• Annual cost to run furnace (Gas): $1,000
• Annual cost to run furnace blower (Electric): $100
• Annual cost to run A/C unit (Electric): $300
• Total HVAC costs = $1,400

Pressure Drop - or - Air Flow

The ease with which the air flows through your filter can have a big impact on your costs.

For example, Our Model 1500 has a pressure drop rating that is about ½ of a leading pleated throw away filter. That means the air flows through your InnerEco filter more easily while still providing exceptional air quality.

Our research shows that with our low pressure drop, vs. a leading throw away, your total heating, air conditioning, and electrical costs are reduced by up to 15%!

• Annual Costs $1,400
• Reduced Costs 15%
• Potential Annual Savings to you = $210

We think you'll find those savings very appealing. Saving money while cleaning your air. It doesn't get much better than that.

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