Cimatec Electronic Air Filters
CimatecCimate TrademarkAirScreen Electronic Air Filters
The Right Product for Your Healthy Home
Cimatec Electronic Air Filters remove the invisible, microscopic air borne toxins, chemicals and biologicals that circulate inside our air tight energy efficient homes and workplaces. Cimatec brand residential and commercial filters, including Cimatec AirScreen 1000, Cimatec AirScreen1010, Cimatec AirCleen 1500 and Cimatec AirScreen 2300 are available through leading HVAC Contractors in your community.
Ordering Replacement Filter Pads: CimatecCimate TrademarkAirscreen 1000 and
CimatecCimate TrademarkAirCleen 1500
Cimatec is our brand name which has been trusted by HVAC professionals for more than 20 years. Under this brand name are the model series of AirScreen 1000 (AS1000), AirCleen 1500 (AC1500), AirScreen 1010 (AS1010) and AirScreen 2300 (AS2300).
  When you need new Cimatec replacement pads, please call your local HVAC Contractor or call us TOLL FREE: 1-800-565-5326 or consider using our safe and secure on-line service.
What About Viruses Like H1N1?
Typical viruses, like H1N1 are microscopic in size, generally around 0.1 microns in size. When you consider that the period or point used in "0.1" microns is about 650 microns in size, well, the typical virus is really quite microscopic!

So, when we are infected, our coughing and sneezing will release these tiny little viruses into the air where they remain suspended and circulate within our homes until they come in contact with something...like our family!

While we can't promise that you won't catch the flu this season, independent tests show that your Cimatec Airscreen 1000 or 1500, removes significantly more of the worst microscopic toxins, bacteria and viruses like H1N1 when compared to traditional pleated or even expensive HEPA filters.
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